Vanessa Robertson

Vanessa Robertson - PG Degree in Mental Health

Vanessa HB Robertson,
The importance of prioritizing mental health has gained widespread recognition. Just as individuals invest effort in maintaining their physical well-being, tending to one's mental state is of equal significance. Seeking guidance from a counselor facilitates the acquisition of strategies to confront challenges and enhance overall quality of life.

My professional focus revolves around a holistic approach grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In my practice, adolescents and adults discover a secure environment to navigate emotional and social challenges, fostering personal development. I offer services in both individual and group settings, catering to clients in both English and Portuguese.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Mental Health at Liberty University. Originally from Brazil, I resided in California for numerous years, working as a teacher, before relocating to Texas three years ago. My experience in education provided insights into the emotional challenges encountered by diverse cultures and backgrounds, equipping me with a robust understanding for my counseling practice. I am committed to being culturally sensitive and tailoring counseling approaches to meet the unique needs of each individual, respecting their culture, spirituality, and religion.

I also enjoy working with clients with disabilities and those with a history of anxiety and depression. Outside of my professional commitments, I love spending quality time with my daughters, exploring new destinations through travel, and engaging in Pilates during my leisure hours.

Mind Over Matters Institute Seattle, Washington